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MRCP written exams, Golden advice to help you get through




The 10 Golden Tips for MRCP written exams you will ever need


  1.       For MRCP, do not read hard; read smart.
  2. Three to six months is usually enough for preparation.
  3. Practice the best of the five questions as much as possible.
  4. The few days before the exam date, stop revising questions and concentrate on your MRCP notes and top tips.
  5. Remember, you are getting ideas and concepts from the questions.
  6. Time factor in the exam room is the leading killer after poor preparation.
  7. Manage your time wisely.
  8. Read the end of the question first; if you can answer it without reading the whole scenario, it will save your time for the other tuff question (long scenario, .what is the action of imatinib?)
  9. Take care for any single word in the question, e.g. (the initial test, the diagnostic test, the best test, the next step)
  10. Practice, practice and practice.




Tips for using PassOnExam part 1 Question Bank

  • Try to complete at least 100% of this question bank (minimum) before taking your exam; however, you should aim to complete it two times, one systemic revision and one random selection.


  • If you can complete 100% of this question bank before the exam date, we highly recommend you re-do your incorrect questions. 


  • It would be best if you started doing PassOnExam part 1 at least three months before the exam date in order to be able to complete it all before your exam. Consider beginning this resource as early as possible before starting any other resource. 


  • We recommend 50-100 daily questions in tutor mode with one system selected in the first revision tire. Avoid doing more than 100 questions in a single day, as this is very mentally demanding. 


  • We recommend untimed tutor mode with all subjects and systems selected in the second tire.


  • If doing 100 daily questions or more, consider breaking the questions into two separate blocks at different times in the day. For example, 50 questions in the morning and 50 in the evening. 


  • ALWAYS read the question explanations carefully.  


  • Consider purchasing at least a 3-month membership as you are unlikely to complete the entire question bank in any shorter timeframe. 

What is the suitable way to study part 1 question bank?


  •         Study MRCP Part 1 Curriculum category by category


  •        Following every category, practice yourself on categorized questions as they will help keep your understanding of different diseases and start gaining experience about how the exam questions would be.


  •         On answering questions for the first time, take all the time you need in reading and understand the question until you get used to the mode of the MRCP part 1 questions.


  •        After finishing all categories, train yourself with a mock test as they will give you more experience, especially in the differential diagnosis.


  •         Repeat questions again and again until a few days before your exam.


 The 10 Golden Tips for MRCP written exams you will ever need