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At PassOnExam, we provide content that makes hard topics of medicine easy to understand to help MRCP candidates succeed on their exams.

Who We Are ?

PassONexam was created by a team of expert physicians, clinicians and MRCP educators who believe there is a smarter way to study internal medicine and pass the MRCP exams. Our platform is continuously updated and written with the highest quality standards.

Our content experts are internal medicine doctors and MRCP tutors, and we believe it’s our duty to create the highest quality educational content on the market.

Our main References

We are creating the most comprehensive, updated, library of medical content for physicians, helping them to pass the MRCP exams.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to provide MRCP candidates with the best learning tools, proven effective by learning science. In order to take on this challenge, PassOnExam created a high-quality digital MRCP education resource, which is comprehensive and affordable.

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Our Team

Dr. Yousif Abdallah Hamad

  • Co- founder of PassOnExam
  • Internal Medicine Specialist
  • MRCP-Ireland
  • MRCPS (Glasgow)
  • MRCP tutor for UK and Ireland exams
  • Evidence Based Practice Expertise
  • Examinations advisor
  • Best of five question writer at many medical revision websites
  • Author of many books such as:
    • Notes & Notes for MRCP part 1 & 2
    • The easy station for clinical examination

Author Books

The easy station for clinical examination

Notes & Notes for MRCP part 1 & 2

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