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How to Pass MRCP Part 1

  • ·      Make a study schedule according to your time and workload, most acceptable time is 6 hours per day over 3 months. make sure that you’re studying smart and spending the right amount of time on each topic.

    ·        Make a plan for your preparation

    ·        You need two sets of revision:

    1.     Practicing  a good number of best of five questions

    2.     Expanding your knowledge to cover wise range of medical information

    ·        Practice by answering a good number of best of five

    v  Choose a good question bank which have a huge pool of questions and at the same time covering all MRCP syllabus

    v  Start studying in a systematic wise. Begin with Specialty-Based Approach in the first tire of revision. 

    v  After you complete the systematic section answer a large volume of MRCP Part 1 practice questions at random way will give you the sense of the exam and quickly switching from one specialty to the next.

    v  There is no a fixed number of questions that will allow you to pass the exam, but from our experience and candidates feedback we suggests that you need to attempt at least > 5000 questions before sitting the exam.

    v  Do not only focus on the right choice of the question, but also extend your knowledge by asking yourself: why the other 4 options are wrong. make sure you take the time to understand WHY a question is right or wrong.

    ·        Expanding your knowledge to cover wise range of medical information

    v  It is difficult to decide from where you should start, with notes revision or questions? but in PassOnExam we believe it is depending on your current knowledge and practice situation.

    F if you are recently graduated or have good medicine attachment it is reasonable for you to start directly with questions and go from time to time to revise the notes especially when you got a wrong answer.

    F if you are a way from the medicine practice for a while or shifted your specialty interest, the smart plan for you to start with the MRCP notes in a specialty a broach method, after you complete every specialty you go directly to the same specialty question bank.

    v  Your note revision should include the common MRCP Part 1 Topics


    What is the suitable period for preparing for MRCP part 1 exam?


    ·        It depends on your current status

    v  If you are practicing medicine, you need 3 months for acceptable preparation.

    v  If you are a way from internal medicine loop you may need about 6 month to pass the MRCP part 1.